Top 10 Free Applications To Track Android Or iOS

In recent times phones are vital parts of everyday life. But the thing is, multiple portable features make phones vulnerable. At the same time, the increased number of stolen phones could fall off easily if people are getting smarter and use phone-tracking software applications.

In this case, you need to know how to track an Android phone for free or even an iOS phone for free so that it helps to recover your stolen phone. Below we will discuss several ways of tracking a phone using Android or iOS.

Top 10 Free Applications Which Are Useful To Track Using Android Or Ios   

If you are in such a place where losing things is common. Staying at losing things in a prone area is terrible and difficult. Below we will discuss the top 10 free software applications that are useful to track using iOS or Android.

1) Eyezy  

One of the best iOS phone tracking applications incorporated with the advanced technology. On the other hand, this iOS phone tracking application helps to track your phones at all times.

Apart from that, you will get a large list of features from which you can choose. In this case, you can access all relevant information from an easier dashboard.

2) Spyic  

Another best-hidden tracking application that is on the top of the list is Spyic. In this case, you can target iPhone and Whatsapp messages, images, etc. This advanced application is mainly designed for locating the iPhone wherever you might be.

On the other hand, this software application has several features which help you to monitor social media applications, you can monitor the target phone’s location, and so on.

Despite that, you can monitor phone calls and even capture screenshots whenever you do such general things on the phone.

3) Phone Tracker   

One of the most credential options for being an iPhone tracker application is Phone Tracker. When it is an iPhone tracker application, it means the target phone’s real-time location.

Not only that, with the help of this software application, one Apple tracker can track another iOS phone. On the other hand, it provides multiple notifications about gaining knowledge of your friends and family members’ locations.

4) Life360  

One of the best iPhone tracker applications is Life360. This software application is one of the most effective phone tracking applications like Spyine phone tracker.

Despite that, Lif is another suitable application for family members because they can easily create a group and even see any time and place.

On the other hand, with the help of this software application, you can keep an eye on your partner, your siblings, or even your children. They even have an emergency SOS feature which helps you send an emergency alert to the group at any time of trouble.

5) Umobix   

Another one of the best iPhone tracking applications is uMobix. This software application is really good for keeping track of your iPhone. On the other hand, it also helps to track your child’s iPhone.

uMobix is a great family application incorporated with robust security measures.

With the help of this application, you can easily track your phone in case you have lost it. You can even see the demo once you visit their website.

6) Famisafe   

One of the best Android phone location tracking applications is FamiSafe. This application has a lot of high-accuracy features.

On the other hand, famiSafe is also one of the best GPS location tracking software, which coordinates with a displayed map. This software application has a user-friendly interface; you can also handle it for free. But simultaneously, if you run this software continuously, it regulates heat from the device.

7) Gps  

One of the best Android phone tracking applications is GPS. In this case, GPS has built-in communication features that help stay connected with Android Phone. This software application has several pros and cons, such as:

It can work with any signal or network carrier. On the other hand, you can find a phone easily. But at the same time, this software application has limited features. And it works with only a few particular devices.

8) Family   

Family is one of the best Android applications designed especially with family in mind. On the other hand, you can easily add the phones of people in your family which you help to track them. This software application’s circle feature will help keep your location information.

9) Mobile Tracker   

Another Android phone tracking application is Mobile Tracker. In this case, you can even record audio easily.

10) Geo Tracker Application For Android     

One of the best tracking long-distance applications is the Geo Tracker application. This software application provides multiple statistics such as maximum speed, slope, and other information.

In Conclusion  

In this article, we have discussed some of the best software applications that help you to track losing phones above. These applications are powerful, and at the same time, these Android tracking applications are free as well. Not only that, but even if you have required many features, you can also use those applications.

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