Tourist Apartments Renovation: Everything You Need to Know

The reforms of tourist apartments are aimed at making the home more comfortable for tourists visiting us for a short time. Renting someone else’s home for a vacation is becoming more common as more people rent out their own homes.

Here are some ideas to help you renovate your holiday apartment:

Current regulations regarding tourist apartments

It is important to understand the existing regulations and conditions for renting a tourist apartment before planning a reform.

Additional municipal laws may be added to general laws that regulate apartment rentals for vacations.

The community can also set rules for renting out homes to tourists. Community laws that ban this type of rental are protected by the law, as long as at least three-fifths of the owner’s agreement.

It is important to be familiar with the various municipal regulations. In some cases, it’s required that all tourist apartments have emergency exits.

In other cases, it’s prohibited to rent apartments that are not at least a certain square meter in size.


Air conditioning

It is best, to begin with the climate of your home when implementing reforms. It is important to have air conditioning for responsible consumption. Remember that tenants will not always consider energy saving, and you will pay the bills.


Natural and artificial light

According to Georgina home renovations experts, light is another important factor for tourist apartments. In the same way, as in the previous example, opting for energy-saving systems is convenient.

But you should also ensure that every corner is illuminated both at night and during the day to give the best spatial perception.


Comfort is paramount

This time, we are referring to a concept that is a bit abstract but crucial in apartments with these features: comfort.

Most people only stay in a vacation apartment for a few short hours each day. This is usually during the night. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and equipment must be spacious and comfortable.

In the case of tourist apartments, it can be a great idea to increase the size of the rooms or change the layout. It is important to have a good kitchen. The kitchen is also important.


The living room

The living room is just as important as the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms when it comes to renovating tourist apartments.

The halls in the tourist apartments should have a sense of space. The room’s visual area and square meters can be increased by adjusting the lighting and the arrangement of the furniture.

You will need to ask both the City Council and the Community for permission if you wish to extend any room in your house through structural changes.

The most common way to change the interior arrangement of a house is with a permit from the municipality.


Reforms to home security

Security is also a major concern in tourist apartments. This applies to both tenants and aspects of coexistence between neighbors.

In these situations, insulation is crucial. Insulating windows and doors prevents noise while also allowing you to maintain a constant temperature within the home.

It is important to have a safe and adequate door that can withstand all types of situations. When renting a house as a vacation rental, you should always ensure that the entrance door is secure.



Accessibility is another fundamental element of the renovations to tourist apartments. A tourist home may house people with disabilities or a certain age.

We can make sure that everyone can use the space by avoiding double-height areas, installing a community lift, and designing accessible bathrooms.

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