To Repair or to Replace?

At some few times in their lives, home owners will have to deal with at least some window repairs during their time on a property. From broken glass to sticking sashes, there are many common issues that require attention. Determining whether a DIY solution is viable or whether the help of a window repair company is needed can be tricky. 

With three different types of repairs for windows made of wood, vinyl and aluminum, it may take some pieces of relevant information on whether to tackle small fixes yourself or contact a Window Repair Brisbane for larger, more complex jobs (that may require  that specialized equipment, tools, and expertise).

Wooden windows

Wooden windows often need the most maintenance and repairs. The most common issue is broken glass panes. Minor cracks can sometimes be repaired using a two-part epoxy, but larger panes with extensive damage will likely need a full replacement. 

Deteriorating wood frames due to rot are also common.Check window frames for soft, wet spots caused by moisture damage and for insect holes. 

Replacing severely rotted wood may require a professional. Wooden sashes may also need help due to swelling or paint buildup. Sanding, applying graphite lubricant, or adjusting sash cords can often free sticking sashes. 

Other common repairs include tightening or replacing cracked joints and missing hardware like hinges, locks, and sash cords. However, more extensive issues like full frame replacements generally require a window repair company with expertise in working with softwood.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl windows require less maintenance than wood but over times, repairs are still inevitable. Loose or damaged rolling hardware is common, causing windows to open and close improperly. 

Replacing vinyl rolling hardware is often an easy do-it-yourself repair. Cracks in the vinyl frames can occur but the appropriate repair depends on the severity. Minor surface cracks may be fillable but deep cracks may necessitate vinyl welding or partial frame replacement. 

Resealing and restriping windows can usually be done yourself and tightening hardware and lubricating moving parts are generally straightforward to do. More extensive repairs involving frame replacementsare best left to vinyl window installation professional.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum window repairs usually center around maintenance issues that affect performance. Loose hardware is common and can cause windows to open and close improperly. Retightening screws and bolts are usually straightforward. 

But for more involved repairs focusing on frame replacements and correcting mechanical issues, you need to hire installation and repair experts.

Window repair VS. replacement 

Like most other things that can happen to your household, there are issues regarding your windows that might put you in debate with yourself trying to decide on the best way to handle them and not waste money.

Most often, the severity of the issues would need your decision to either decide on a full repair solution or the final choice of having to replace windows.

Window repair has its own benefits which typically costs less than installing. However, window replacement has benefits too. If you live in an older home with single-pane windows, it could be your opportunity to upgrade to an energy efficient model.

Some years back, it was not uncommon to do exactly that. If there was an issue with a window—say the frame has rotted through—homeowners would upgrade said frame with fiberglass, vinyl, or metal rather than repairing the damaged wood. 

Today, however, increasing interest in reducing waste means more homeowners are choosing window repair over replacement.Yet, there are some instances where replacing your windows is a better option than repair—depending on the type and degree of the damage. 

Generally, there are two main areas that get damaged: the glass or the surrounding areas. When the glass itself is broken or causing problems, then it’s likely the window will have to be replaced. Most damage to surrounding areas such as the frame, sash, or mullions can be repaired.

Here are some instances where you can learn what common window damage should be repaired, and when replacement is your best option.

Water damage

The tell-tale sign would be the unmistakable coffee-like stains around your window. Water damage had seeped into your home either through the cracks and chips in the glass by saturating the area, especially the frame.

Water damage is really a pain to deal with. However, if the panes are still intact, you can simply call your local glass handyman to repair the damage.

Rotted frames

A common effect of water damage is rotted frames. Generally, rotting wood frames arecaused by heavy rain, snow melt, and even humidity. 

The older your home is, the more likely your frame is prone to rotting. If you can see signs of rot or if the frame is soft to the touch, call your window repair experts right away.

Broken muntins or mullions

They are the pieces of wood that sit in between panes of glass and often make a cross-like pattern. Some muntins and mullions are purely decorative. Others actually support the window panes. 

Real or not, faux, if your muntins or mullions are chipped, are peeling, or dented, they can be repaired without having to replace the entire window.

Worn Caulking

If your window is drafty, it could be that the caulking needs to be replaced. Caulking is used to seal gaps and can also be found around your bathtub and crown molding. It also goes between your frame and the wall. When caulking begins to wear, the resulting gaps can let in cool air, humidity, insects, and water—possibly causing further damage to your home. Replacing caulking is a relatively straightforward fix our qualified technicians are happy to offer you.

Cannot open and close windows

Windows that cannot open or close properly is a sign you need window repair services. Not only are sticking windows an annoyance, but also a fire hazard. Older homes might have wood sashes or rusty hinges that impede a window’s ability to function properly. 

These inoperable windows are caused by too thick paint or sash paint on a sash is too thick, which causes it to stick, rusty hinges and latches or the window frame is twisted or misaligned. Call you handyman.

Damaged casing

Casing protects your window from damage and contributes to your home’s curb appeal. 

Weather and climate can damage casing, causing it to become loose, cracked, rotting, or missing entirely. 

While damaged casing is unattractive, it can be easily repaired by one of the glass window experts.

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