The Role of Telescopic Sticks in Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Adventures

Hiking and trekking poles or telescopic sticks are good if you are aiming to hike through the mountains. You can use them when camping and also when you are spending time outdoors. A telescopic stick has a two-part or even three-part construction consisting of interlocking legs that have locking in the joints. They are able to provide amazing versatility, variable length along with durability. If you are a beginner, you will find this device good to use.  When you search for telescopic sticks, you will see that there are a variety available. 

The following discusses the role of a telescopic stick when it comes to hiking, camping as well as outdoor activities:

Remove stress from joints

When hiking, you will be using much energy and effort. This is especially if the mountain is a steep one. With a good telescopic stick, the stress from your joints can be minimized. They are able to absorb some shock that your joints take at the time that you step. This is mostly on ascents as well as descents. 

If you have experienced some pain within your knees when hiking a steep downhill trail, next time use this stick so that pressure can be taken off of your knees relieving the pain. 

Help maintain balance

With the help of a telescopic stick, you can get more stability at the time that you are tackling tricky terrain. The stick is able to aid you in keeping your balance when you are crossing stuff like swiftly moving water, ice patches, traversing snowfields, trekking along some narrow ridgelines, as well as going up and down hill upon lose ground such as sand and scree. Therefore the right telescopic sticks are able to provide you with more safety. 

You may be able to use the stick to stay upright when battling some high winds. You can for instance check out the Telescoping Hiking Stick from Lee Valley which is a good stick for hiking. It is able to telescope as well as lock at the length you require it to. It even has a spring-loaded anti-shock mechanism that is able to be turned off when you want to do this. There is a camera mount present under the knob, along with a thermometer plus compass on the wrist strap. These features can provide you with safety. It is made using strong but lightweight aircraft aluminum. You will find it useful at the time that you are going down slopes. It can aid in saving stress that will be applied on the knees. When looking at the tip of this telescopic stick, it is rubber. You can remove it to reveal the carbide tip that will provide you with a sturdy grip when you are on slippery surfaces. There is a removable snow basket that will help you in deep snow. Telescopic sticks like these with many features are useful when outdoors. 

Allow arms to have something to do

When hiking, you will mostly be using your legs. A telescopic stick allows your arms to have some exercise and can help stop your hands swelling at the time that you are gaining elevation. 

When you dangle the arms at the sides when you ascend, this can result in poor circulation. It can cause your fingers, hands, as well as wrists to swell up. When you allow your arms to remain elevated, and combine this with the pumping action utilized with the trekking sticks, better circulation can occur and swelling can be prevented. 

Let you get a good pace

When you use a telescopic stick, you can walk in a smooth rhythm. You can even sustain a preferable hiking pace for more time. You may be able to hike a bit quicker when employing telescopic sticks. The repetitive motion is able to be somewhat meditative at the time that you hike. 

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Keep you safe from wild animals

When outdoors, you need to be conscious of your surroundings. You do not want wild animals to encounter you and you do not want to enter their territory. Sometimes animal encounters do occur. 

When you are in the situation where a large animal is close, banging the trekking poles together or even against trees plus rocks may be able to make a harsh sound which can usually scare the animal.

You may be able to wave the telescopic stick above your head so that you can look larger. This can discourage animals from coming close to you. 

A telescopic stick is handy if you love pursuing outdoor activities. It can allow you to have a comfortable experience when hiking. You can cross some rough terrains when going camping with the right telescopic sticks. Look carefully at the ones available before you choose any so that you can know its features. 

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