The Future of Research Publishing Services

Research is an indispensable part of decision-making in the finance and investment sectors. Trading firms, asset managers, commercial banks, consulting firms, investment banks, and many other organisations rely on research services for decision-making. In today’s era, the business landscape has become more complex. Not to forget, frequent disruptions in financial markets also add to the importance of research services. Finance organisations cannot indulge in research publishing, as they have to focus on core competencies. It is where research publishing services for third parties come into the picture. Read on to understand the importance and future of research publishing services.

What Exactly are Research Publishing Services?

In a broader sense, research publishing refers to printing and distributing research findings, academic papers, and scientific reports. In the context of finance and investment, research publishing refers to the distribution of market reports, news outlets, forecast papers, and research findings. Research publishing organisations distribute a wide range of resources. These resources allow finance and investment firms to make better decisions, even when market conditions aren’t favourable. Research services commonly offered include rigorous analysis, forecasting, and insight generation. Without these research services, it would be impossible to make informed decisions. Besides organisations, individual investors and finance professionals depend on public research reports to make informed decisions. Research findings are made available to organisations through different means. Newsletters, reports, journals, and analytics reports are common ways to offer research services to organisations. Even blogs are used to convey research findings to organisations and individuals. Not everyone can indulge in research publishing, as it requires a certain level of expertise. Only firms with a team of experienced finance and research professionals can indulge in these services. Let us understand research publishing services with an example. Let us say an investment bank wants to know the undervalued stocks with a high chance of growth. It can depend on an equity research firm to find undervalued stocks with upward potential. The investment bank can then help its clients invest in undervalued stocks and enjoy capital appreciation. Similarly, research can be focused on different investment products and financial markets.

Understanding the Future of Research Publishing Services

Research publishing has come a long way to become what they are now. There have been numerous changes within the research publishing industry. Here are some future trends in research publishing services:

Universal Access to Research Services

Research services were only available to organisations and institutional investors a few decades back. Over the years, research has become more accessible, even for retail investors, small banks, and asset managers. For example, individuals can learn about fast-growing stocks via an investment platform. Individuals can know about future market conditions through free research reports and blogs. It is expected that research will become free and more accessible in the future.

Intuitively Obvious Research Reports

Research publishing firms have started hiring design professionals to create intuitively-obvious research reports. These reports are easy on the eye and can be easily comprehended. The idea is to include charts, graphs, templates, icons, posters, and infographics. With excellent data visualisation, research findings can be easily understood by individuals. Research publishing firms are expected to hire more design professionals in the future to prepare intuitively-obvious reports.

Blockchain-based Research Publishing

Many research publishing firms are using blockchain to distribute research papers and reports. With the help of blockchain, research reports are made more transparent and accessible. Also, blockchain can address issues related to copyrights for research publishing firms. Since blockchain is a decentralised and secure technology, there will be fewer issues related to intellectual property rights.

Use of AI for Peer Review

Research reports are reviewed before making them public. Firms ensure that there aren’t any mistakes or loopholes in research reports. Many firms have started using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for peer review. The use of AI decreases the chances of human errors in peer review. AI will continue to reduce the manual burden on researchers in the future.

In a Nutshell

The rise of technology has changed the face of research publishing services. Many new trends have emerged in the research publishing industry. Finance and investment firms must keep a tab on research publishing trends for informed decision-making. Finance firms can partner with reputed third parties to get authentic research reports. Learn more about research publishing trends now!

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