10 Best Photography places in Dubai to Click Amazing Photos

Dubai is a perfect city for a vacation, a family tour, or a honeymoon. Dubai has the highest buildings, lovely beaches, theme parks, and Luxurious hotels. Dubai has the best locations for photography. Moreover, the old historical places & new places in Dubai are the best for photography in Dubai.

Dubai Desert is also the best place for a couple of photoshoots in Dubai. Whereas, Dubai has many locations where you get the best photos at sunset. Al fahidi street in Dubai is an old street that is famous for shopping & photography. In this article, we mentioned the best places to take the Best photos in Dubai. Book the Best Dubai tour packages for couples from the best travel agency Roaming Routes.

Top 10 Photography Destinations in Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

It is located in Downtown Dubai. Burj Khalifa has 828 meters of height which make it the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa is the most important and popular building in Dubai. Moreover, the Dubai Fountain is situated in front of the Burj Khalifa. In fact here you can take breathtaking shots of Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. Also, go to the top floor of the Burj khalifa to capture the best views of the Dubai skyline.

2. Dubai Miracle Garden

It is the largest flower garden in the world. Dubai Miracle Garden Displays 60 varieties of natural flowers. The Dubai Miracle Garden spans 72,000 square meters. It is open between November to May. Moreover, Dubai Miracle Garden is the best place for a couple of photoshoots in Dubai.

3. Dubai Desert

It is the Best place in Dubai for photography. In the Dubai desert take a camel tour and click the best photos of Dubai desert. Also, you can go for a Dubai desert safari in a land cruiser for the best photoshoot in Dubai. Moreover, the Dubai desert is one of the best places in Dubai photography spots.

4. Dubai Main Beach

Dubai has many beaches for fun and activities. Enjoy the best beach activities and click amazing photos on a beach. Experience the all beach fun activities to get the best photos of your Dubai vacation trip. Dubai’s main beach is situated opposite Jumeirah beach residence. Moreover, it is the best place to take amazing photos.

5. Dubai Citywalk

Take a tour of Dubai Citywalk at night. In fact, Dubai Citywalk is the best way to enjoy the city beauty of Dubai. Dubai Citywalk is the best photography place in the city. You can click the best Dubai night photos at the Dubai Citywalk. Dubai Citywalk has restaurants, hotels, and boutiques. Dubai Citywalk is situated on Al Safa Street.

6. Old Dubai

The Old Dubai is situated at 63 Al fahidi. Old Dubai is the best photography destination because of the historical places of Dubai. You can click amazing photos on the yellow wall of Dubai’s old city. Moreover, the yellow wall of Old Dubai looks like a gold wall.

7. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a residential area in Dubai. While Dubai Marina has fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels, and the best cafes. Dubai Marina Walk is great for photography in Dubai. Take lovely pictures of the best Dubai buildings at Dubai Marina.

8. Al Fahidi Historical District

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is an old historical area of Dubai. The Al Fahidi historical neighborhood is situated on Al fahidi street. Here You can take the best clicks with the historical places of Dubai. Moreover, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a must photography place in Dubai.

9. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve spans over 225 square kilometers. It is a natural reserve. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is situated in Sharjah, UAE. In fact here you get gorgeous photos of the Dubai desert. Moreover, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is the best place to take photography in Dubai.

10. La Mer

In fact, La Mer Beach is a well-known beach in Dubai. La Mer Beach is situated at Jumeirah 1 in Dubai, UAE. In fact here you can click the Amazing photos of the beautiful beach. Here You can enjoy the best water sports and take pictures of it. Moreover, take the best photos with the restaurants, beach clubs, and flyboarding at La Mer Beach in Dubai.


In conclusion, These are the best places for photography in Dubai: Burj khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Desert, Dubai Main Beach, Dubai Citywalk, Old Dubai, Dubai Marina, Al fahidi historical district, Dubai desert conservation reserve, La Mer. In addition enjoy these photography places on your vacation, family tour, or on a honeymoon. Moreover, Dubai Citywalk is the best place to take night photos. Don’t forget the Old Dubai and Al fahidi historical neighborhoods because these are the historical place where you can take adorable photos.

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