How To Pick Your Business’s Best Managed IT Service Provider

Small to medium-sized companies (SMBs) continue to seek the assistance of a Managed IT service provider as security issues take center stage and it gets more sophisticated. According to Dato, in the last three years, 19% of MSP respondents saw an increase of up to 20% per year (22% of MSPs said their total revenue increased by 5% per year and 24% reported an increase of up to 20% per year. 10%). As the outsourced IT market is expanding, the choice of the right partner has become more difficult and even cumbersome. Below, we will outline 5 qualities to help you choose from the many IT service providers available to you. But first, What are the main reasons why SMBs decide to outsource their IT? Again, according to Datto, among the SMBs polled:

5 Characteristics to Take into Account When Selecting the Best Managed IT Service Provider:

1. What are their technical capabilities?

Certificates and earned third-party vendor participation matter. Under a valid managed service scenario, your provider can handle the technology vendor needs for you, saving you time between vendors for ongoing hardware and support needs. Three questions worth considering here:

  • What certifications or qualifications can an IT provider Display?
  • What manufacturers or third-party sellers are they associated with?
  • What is their position with these manufacturers? (Example: have they earned gold status with partners like Microsoft?)

2. Do they have a local presence?

Remote monitoring and management are common, and desktop support is a great asset for quick feedback on requirements. The availability of onsite support can be a big asset. Heavy IT issues occur. Ransomware, infrastructure issues, or extended network downtime can be resolved more quickly when your Managed IT service provider is within a short driving distance. IT support can literally come from the whole world. Staying in the same time zone can be a big decision factor for your SMB. Relationships built locally only strengthen cooperation and the ability to briefly communicate ongoing needs.

3. What are their response and resolution metrics?

Ask to see their numbers. What is their help call response, and what is their “competence” score in providing quick help call Solutions? In addition, most managed it agreements will include components such as Virus/Spyware and malware protection, patch management, and 24x7x365 monitoring, but let’s face it… Downtime is expensive. To find out what you’re paying for, what’s extra, and what expectations are regarding support, check in depth in the details of the service level agreement.

4. What are the “humanistic” metrics?

This may not seem obvious at first glance. Downtime, feedback, etc. are all numbers highly valued. But for the end user with an IT problem, the most important metrics are patience, empathy, and empathy. In this case: recently tried to get a living person when calling a bank, cable TV company, or internet provider? Customer support trends are becoming increasingly insensitive, inhumane, and highly automated. You should expect better for your company. In essence, your managed IT service provider should be able to communicate with clients and resolve technological issues proficiently. They must be aware that the DFW region is home to the Texas Rangers, a baseball franchise. They need to know that Arkansas is known for its beautiful outdoor life. They must have a communication repository that goes beyond technical jargon.

5. What can they do for your employees?

The sudden and frightening emergence of social engineering has proven one thing again and again: the weakest link of any network security plan is often the end user.

What if there is any web-based or onsite training available for your employees to ensure they are not sensitizing your organization to attacks? Additionally, will designated members of your team have access to monthly or quarterly partnership reviews to address current IT performance, new concerns, and a new and relevant strategy to move forward?

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