Serving the right offer to the right customer at the right time is easier said than done. In this block of the strategy, you need to develop a model of interaction with customers using various communication channels.

All the areas CUSTOM CRM SOFTWARE above should be linked to a single concept. For this purpose, it is important to follow the development methodology. The sequence of steps will depend on the type of organization, its level of experience and its tasks. Let’s talk about the basic elements that are relevant for any business.


Any innovation needs to work like a clock, otherwise it is no use. You need to rationally approach perfex crm customization solutions so that they really function to benefit the company.

To achieve this goal, you will have to go through several stages. You will need to allocate time and involve your key employees, otherwise, you may have to add a lot of changes post-factum, spending additional funds that may be equal to the CRM system cost. To ensure that this does not happen, it is better to approach all stages responsibly and cooperate with the developers closely.


To build your own CRM, you need to decide what goals it must fulfill. Some companies are quite satisfied with a database with the simplest interface, while others set completely different tasks for it, like the automation of routine processes:

sending letters with commercial offers, promotions, greeting clients on holidays and important dates;

  • transferring information;
  • constructing funnels;
  • storing the history of communication with the company’s clients;
  • task calendar;
  • integration with IP telephony;
  • control of mutual settlements;
  • automatic uploading of documents, etc.

One way or another, it will be necessary to collect the data that will subsequently be entered into the system and try to divide them into blocks. As a result, you will get a layout, and based on it you can develop software.


perfex crm setup can have as many fields as you want. This feature seems tempting to many, though it can overload the database with useless information. For this reason, you will need to meet your key employees and discuss the need for each field and tab. It will be necessary to analyze what types of reports need to be received and what purposes they will be used for.

During the discussion, you will probably end up discarding most of the fields, finding out that they will only interfere with the analysis. After all, a database that is too complicated is likely to trigger employees’ rejection of innovation.

Based on our team’s experience, it is better to focus on a smaller number of fields, but make them as informative as possible. Afterwards, you can add additional functions, but only after testing. To reduce the time spent on drawing up the layout, you should decide on the functionality that the software will perform. The functions are often as follows:

  1. sales management;
  2. marketing management;
  3. customer service and call center management.


The database should work for the company, not against it. So you better go for a simple interface that will be convenient for most employees and smoothly reflect the business processes and functions. Also, a good solution would be to set up birthday reminders for large customers. To strengthen the relationship, it’s a good idea to send them small gifts or cards.


It is very important that a custom perfex crm developer is easily adjusted. After all, a business does not stand still, it constantly needs to develop and keep up with the latest global trends. At the first stage of introducing the innovation, you will have to test the system. You will most likely have to add blocks, reports, adjust the structure and interface.

This will all help to establish and, if necessary, automate most of the processes in your company. But most importantly, it will be possible to collect all data in one place and use it for the benefit of the business.

Last Thought

As a result, our customer received a system that combines the powers of CRM, sales pipeline, property and room management, tracking of invoices and payments, and accounting capabilities. All this is accessed via convenient navigation to process contacts individually, group contacts, and keep all related data in check – all this and more in one solution.

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