Demand in Canada for Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations in 2023

There has been an increasing demand in Canada for Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations in the legal and healthcare sectors. Many skilled workers from around the globe apply for permanent residence in Canada to work under TEER 12110, and it will continue to grow over the coming years. There will be even more job opportunities for Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations, and if you are looking for employment, this is your golden chance. 

The demand has led to higher salaries and benefits. On average, Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations earn between $27,000 and $63,500 per year. However, it also depends on the location, experience, and specialization of your work. 

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Further, working as a Court Reporter and Medical Transcriptionist in Canada is a great way for career advancement as you can work in areas like provincial and federal legislative assemblies and committees, courts of law, hospitals, doctors’ offices, medical clinics, etc. You can also be self-employed. 

Along with this, Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations can also take advantage of the various benefits that come with being a permanent resident in Canada, like quality of life, free universal healthcare, a direct pathway for Canada PR, diverse culture, and more. Check eligibility for Canada PR and get a chance to work with amazing people under TEER 12110 in 2023.

Let’s discuss the job roles, duties, employment requirements, and salary prospects for court reporters, medical transcriptionists, and similar job titles in Canada.

Job Roles for Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations in Canada

Here are different job titles that Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists can work under in Canada – 

  • Braille technician
  • Closed captioner
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Transcriptionist
  • Court reporter
  • Hansard reporter

Duties Performed by Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations in Canada

Listed below are the main tasks of court reporters and medical transcriptionists in Canada – 

Court Reporters

  • Utilize an electronic stenograph machine or steno mask to accurately document the verbatim proceedings and actions that occur within the courtroom.
  • Address inquiries made during court sessions and provide a verbatim reading of the evidence as requested.
  • Convert the recorded proceedings into written form in accordance with established formats for transcription.
  • Ensure the accuracy of transcripts by cross-referencing duplicate copies with the original records of the proceedings and confirming rulings with a judge.
  • Conduct research to locate and confirm quotations, ensuring the accuracy of the transcribed content.
  • Fulfill transcript requests made by judges, lawyers, or the general public.
  • Organize and store shorthand notes from the court session in a filing system.

Medical Transcriptionists

  • Convert recorded dictation, medical reports, correspondence, health records, and patient information into written form in accordance with predetermined formats.
  • Review and correct typographical and grammatical errors in transcribed documents.
  • Revise and refine transcripts to address any missing or inaccurate content, as well as ensure proper formatting.

Employment Requirements for Court Reporters and Medical Transcriptionists in Canada

Here is what a court reporter and medical transcriptionist typically need – 

  • Completion of secondary school is required for court reporters.
  • A college or other program in court reporting is required along with the Chartered Shorthand Reporter (CSR). 
  • Secondary school completion is required for medical transcriptionists.
  • Medical transcriptionists need a degree from a recognized medical transcription program, along with the Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) certificate.
  • Education in Unified English Braille (UEB) competence and related studies of 1-2 years, if working in Braille.

How much do Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists earn in Canada?

court reporters

It is expected that over the period of 2022 and 2031, there will be 10,500 new jobs available for Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, and Related Occupations in Canada. Around 10,600 new job seekers are expected to fill these job vacancies. 

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