10 Experts Tips to Clear CA Intermediate Level in First Attempt

The Chartered Accountant Intermediate exam is the second level of the degree. The level of difficulty after the CA Foundation exam increases. Hence, you need to have vital preparation to clear the exams. Clearing the tests on the first try necessitates extensive preparation, dedication, and an intelligent approach. Since CA exams are becoming increasingly competitive and the syllabus is complex and extensive, candidates face exam pressure. However, clearing the exams is possible with proper guidance, proper strategy, and discipline.

Moreover, it is equally essential that you join good coaching to help you clear your concepts and complete the syllabus in time. VSI Jaipur is one of India’s leading CA coaching institutes, with a reputation for helping students pass their exams on the first go. VSI Jaipur has a track record for producing AIR 1 holders, and students have been securing AIRs until now.

If you have completed the CA Intermediate Registration after your CA Foundation Result, you must start preparing since the exams are in November. Also, note that you must complete the CA Inter Exam form before the due date, or else you won’t be able to sit for the exams.

Now, let’s look at some professional ideas to assist you in acing your examinations.

Ten Expert Tips To Clear The CA Intermediate Exams

1. Understand the CA Intermediate syllabus

Before you begin your preparation, review the CA Intermediate syllabus and test format. This will help you understand which topics and subjects are weighted. By familiarizing yourself with the examination structure, you can create a study plan that optimizes your time and efforts.

2. Have a well-planned and doable study plan

To ensure better preparation, a structured study plan must be in place. Divide your time wisely among all subjects, considering your skills and shortcomings. Schedule revision and practice sessions. It’s essential to keep your study plan realistic and tailored to fit your schedule so that you can maintain consistency throughout the preparation period.

3. Choose the suitable study material for CA Intermediate Exams

Choosing the study materials is key to achieving success in your exams. Look for study materials from authors and publishers as they present concepts clearly and concisely. Additionally, make use of the ICAI study materials that cover all topics.

4. Use mock tests and past year question papers

Mock tests and past papers are essential resources for exam preparation. They enable you to familiarise yourself with the exam format, develop your time management abilities, and evaluate your expertise level. Analyze your performance in these tests to identify areas that need attention.

5. Join a proper CA Intermediate Coaching

Consider seeking guidance from instructors or mentors. Joining a coaching institute or consulting faculty can provide insights and tips for your exam preparation. An experienced mentor can assist in clarifying doubts, offering guidance and motivating during challenging moments.

6. Focus on concept clearance

Instead of relying on memorization, prioritize understanding the concepts. Building a solid knowledge base will enable you to apply your understanding to various questions in the CA Intermediate exam. It will also facilitate comprehension of topics and enhance effective retention.

7. Take breaks during your preparation

Remember to take breaks and maintain a healthy balance while studying for the CA Intermediate exams. Long periods of study without breaks can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Hence, dedicating time to relaxation activities that help recharge your mind, as achieving an equilibrium between work and personal life is crucial for learning.

8. Do at least three times revision during CA Intermediate

Revision plays a role in exam preparation. Plan frequent revision sessions so that you can retain information better. Furthermore, making notes can help with revision in the final days before the exam.

9. Remain updated with amendments

Stay updated with any amendments to the CA intermediate syllabus as it changes. Keeping track of the notifications issued by ICAI and incorporating these updates into your study materials and preparation strategy is essential.

10. Be positive

Stay optimistic and self-assured and maintain a positive mindset throughout the CA Intermediate course preparation. Have faith in the preparation work you’ve done and your ability. Maintain your attention on your goals. Avoid comparing your progress to that of others. Remember that everyone learns at their rate, and you must always work hard.


In conclusion, passing the CA Intermediate course on your first attempt is an attainable goal. You can boost your preparation technique by following these ten expert ideas. These suggestions will improve your chances of success. Remember that hard work, dedication, and a positive outlook are essential for overcoming obstacles to becoming a chartered accountant. Best of luck with your preparations!

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