Unleashing the Power of Biology with Modern ABC Biology Class 12

Are you seeking to learn the biological concepts in detail for your Class 12 examination? Look no further than the Modern ABC Biology Class 12

Biology is a subject that explains the marvels of living organisms. It will explain how the world’s living organisms evolved and give you a clear-cut idea about our characteristics. By reading the subject, you will learn about all living organisms, how they have evolved to their current state, and their overall biological process. 

Class 12 students will study the three main branches of Biology. They are Botany, Zoology, and Microbiology. Modern ABC’s Biology for Class 12 offers comprehensive coverage of all the practical experiments of all chapters involved in Class 12 biology. We will discuss how it can help you learn biological concepts easily. 

About Modern ABC Biology Class 12 Textbook

The author of this book is V. K. Khosla and Kanta Khosla. They are experienced faculty members with in-depth subject knowledge. They have meticulously curated this book for Class 12 students. This book follows the latest CBSE curriculum and solves all exercise questions. 

It helps students and candidates prepare for competitive exams by providing practical solutions. It delves into how our bodies work and understand genetics, evolution, and ecology, giving them the tools to explore and appreciate the amazing living world.

Why Choose Modern ABC Biology Class 12?

Let’s discuss what’s special about the book and how it helps students who want to explore the world of biology.

Viva-Voce Questions for Practical Examinations:

The book offers a section dedicated to viva-voce questions to aid students in their practical examinations. These questions will help students prepare for interactive discussions and verbal assessments during their practical exams, ensuring they are well-prepared for evaluation.

Various Experiments

The book provides several experiments to improve the practical knowledge of students. The book covers various topics, including physiology, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, ecology, and applied biology. Each experiment is meticulously explained with step-by-step procedures and detailed explanations of the underlying biological principles.

Visual Illustrations

The book is enhanced with numerous visual illustrations and diagrams, providing students with a clear and vivid representation of practical experiments and biological concepts. These visual aids facilitate a better understanding, as students can visually grasp the experimental setups, procedures, and observations. The illustrations help simplify complex ideas, making it easier for students to interpret and retain the information. 

Concepts in Modern ABC Biology Class 12

Let’s explore the major concepts and experiments included in this book.

Physiology Experiments:

This section elaborates on the practical aspects of understanding physiological processes in living organisms. Students will explore respiration, circulation, and digestion experiments, gaining hands-on experience and deepening their understanding of how these processes function in biological systems.

Biochemistry Experiments:

The book covers experiments on the chemical processes within living organisms. Students will engage in experiments related to biomolecules, enzymes, and metabolic pathways, providing them with practical insights into the complex world of biochemistry.

Genetics Experiments:

The genetics section offers practical activities to comprehend genetic inheritance, DNA analysis, and genetic variation. Through these experiments, students will explore the fundamental principles of heredity and genetic diversity.

Evolution Experiments:

In this segment, students will investigate experiments related to the fascinating field of evolution. They will learn about natural selection, adaptation, and evidence supporting the theory of evolution, enriching their knowledge of life’s evolutionary history.


In conclusion, Modern ABC Biology Class 12 is an important book to enhance practical knowledge. This book incorporates visual illustrations, step-by-step procedures, and viva-voce questions to provide a unique and engaging approach for students to learn Class 12 biology. So, get Modern ABC’s Biology for Class 12 from GetMyBooks today and excel in understanding the wonders of biology.

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