Quick Tips to Fix Netgear Router IP Address Not Working Issue

Routerlogin.net not working issue is one of the most common issues faced by users owning Netgear wireless routers. However, along with this, users have also declared that they have been experiencing the IP not working issue just the same. Are you also not able to access the IP address of your Netgear router? Well then, you have got to take some action. The same can be done if you read the solutions mentioned in this blog post.

How to Access Netgear Router IP Address Easily?

1. Check the Entered IP Address

The major reason why you are experiencing the Netgear router IP not working issue is the usage of an incorrect IP address. To troubleshoot the issue, you ought to enter the correct web address. To ensure that this works for you, it is recommended that you read the information given in the section here:

· Use the Address Bar Only

Make sure that you are entering the IP address into the address bar of your internet browser. Using the search bar will bear no results for you. On the contrary, you will continue to experience the issue that you are experiencing right now.

· Avoid the Typing Mistakes

There should not be even a single typing error in the IP address which you have entered. For example, if the IP address is, then it should not be typed as 192.168.1.I or with spaces like 192 168 1.1. This will not prove to be helpful for you.

· Do Cross-Check the Address

At last, ensure that you cross-verify the IP address in use before pressing the Enter key located on your keyboard. This will give you a chance to correct your mistakes if you have committed any. Now, try to log in using the Netgear security keys.

2. Check the Internet Connection

Another reason why you are experiencing the Netgear router IP address not working issue is because your internet connection is not speedy enough. This might be because your Internet Service Provider is either lagging or the connection between the devices is weak. So here is what you can do:

· Contact the Service Provider

Get in touch with your Internet Service Provider and ask him if things are inappropriate from his end. In case, they are, then give him some time to get them in order. If he is able to help you out, it is good, in case he is not able to, continue reading.

· Change the Connection Source

Another reason why you are experiencing the Netgear router IP address not working issue is because you have connected the networking devices wirelessly. So, change that right away by using an Ethernet cable to do the same.

· Make the Connection Stable

Ensure that the Ethernet cable which you will use to join the router and the existing modem is not loose. Tighten it up by connecting the devices with cable. Also, see to it that the cable in use is not damaged nor has cuts.


This ends the article discussing the troubleshooting tips through which the Netgear router IP address not working issue can be fixed. We expect that now you will be able to log in to your networking device with ease. By any chance, if you are still not able to, then it is recommended that you restart your client device. Chances are that technical glitches or hiccups are preventing you from accessing the IP address of your networking device.

In order to restart your computer or laptop, you should press the WINDOWS key and wait for the pop up to appear. You will come across a few options. Click the RESTART button and hold on for some time. It is recommended that you do not unplug the charger from the device. Otherwise, all the efforts which you have made till now will go to waste. And if that happens, then you will be forced to read this article. Do you want that to happen?

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