No, the Mazda Miata Simply is not Changing into Discontinued in 2022

In an period of vanishing low-priced sports vehicles and seemingly unavoidable electrification, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is beginning to look like some thing of a dinosaur. (In some quite literal ways it truly is an impractical type of transit, but it’s a lotta entertaining to ride in public with a cowboy hat on.) It really is not an EV, it is not a hybrid, it’s not even turbocharged, and it provides a delightfully aged-school driving practical experience. As this sort of, its cancellation is starting to look believable, and in truth, you might’ve noticed a story or two these days about how the present-day-gen ND Miata is at last dying this 12 months. The Generate is pleased to report that just isn’t the case—we confirmed with Mazda that there will be a 2022 Miata, and it’s going to nevertheless be an ND. For Travel Enthusiasts

Rumors of the MX-5’s discontinuation are rooted in Mazda Japan’s solution web site for the MX-5, which capabilities a blurb whose tough English translation reads, “Product sales of the present design have been discontinued. The announcement of the new model is scheduled for this winter season.”

Taken virtually, that seems like there is certainly a new design on the way, or at the pretty least a significant mid-cycle refresh. That is the angle CarBuzz took right now when it posted a speculative story with a wildly misleading headline: “Say Goodbye To The Mazda MX-5 Miata.”

Now, there is some credence to the concept that the ND could be obtaining a major late-cycle refresh its first round of updates arrived three years soon after launch for the 2019 model in 2018, and it really is been a few decades since then. An additional update could extend the ND’s shelf everyday living right until Mazda can prepared an electrified substitute, which without having a doubt is coming. So we requested Mazda, and its response was unequivocal: the ND Miata will be back again subsequent yr.

“[There’s] possibly a very little shed in translation,” a Mazda spokesperson advised us pertaining to the blurb on the JDM internet site. “The latest product 12 months gross sales have finished in their market place and they are receiving the following product yr in the wintertime. So 2021 to 2022. However the ND. We’ll have an update for the 2022 MX-5 in the US in a couple of weeks far too.”

Pressed further more about the end of creation for the ND, they additional: “There are no strategies to end production of the current technology MX-5 (ND).”

In other phrases: No, you you should not have to say goodbye to the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Not that that can make a difference to the sizable demographic that doesn’t examine past headlines. General & News

They say a lie receives midway ’round the earth prior to the truth receives its trousers on. So all we can do is reiterate what we know now: the Mazda Miata is not going absent next calendar year. And that is very good news for everybody who loves to travel.

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