LED Strip Light and variable solutions from the modern state of the art production line.




As a leading LED Strip Lights manufacturer LED Strip Lights manufacturer</a>, we are proud of our advanced production line which produces high quality and individual LED strip light products. Thanks to our effective production techniques and the thorough quality regulation, we can offer our clients high-quality LED strips, which are durable, versatile, and highly efficient.


Our Advanced Production Line

The state-of-art building has sophisticated machines for forming the silicone or plastic tubing such as the extrusion line, robotic enclosed injection molding line, and robotic arm for LED diode placement. 


Precision and Accuracy

The high level of precision and the automation of processes characterized by minimal human intervention reduce the error margin. That is why, our intelligent manufacturing software also contains the possibility to track every product down to the components, which also contributes to the quality of production.


Quality Checking at Each Stage  

These LED strips also undergo several tests at each stage of the production process to attain a standard that is in line with the customer’s expectations before proceeding to the next step. Some of the parameters that act as signals for the finished products to be packaged include the following;


Customization Options

The programmable production line allows for modifications in the strip width, LEDs’ density, colour temperature, lumen output, and any other characteristic according to our client’s preference with little downtime. LED strips for standard applications can be manufactured alongside LED strips that have been adjusted to meet the requirements of a specific application in a single production line.


Capacity to Meet High Volumes

By maintaining raw material inventory, integrating effective production scheduling, and possessing quick order turnaround, our production methods effectively manage large orders while fulfilling quality and delivery requirements.  


The Benefits You Get

By partnering with us as your <a href=”https:When you purchase LED Strip Lights from the manufacturer located at <a href=”//www. example. com”>LED Strip Lights manufacturer</a>, you have some benefits including:


Get Superior Quality Products

The superior infrastructure and regulation enable LED strip lights which has higher emission, life-span and reliability than an ordinary average market products. 


Meet Your Exact Specifications 

Instead of being restricted to a certain variant of strip LED type, lumen, etc, you can have strips with specific LED types, lumen, space, etc required by the application.


Ensure Timely Supply

When dealing with bulk volumes, our ability to create and deliver them on schedule eliminates possibilities of supply hitches, stockout incidences, or any other unpredictability which could emanate from your side.  


Avail Competitive Pricing

Our big economies of scale, the efficiency of the work done here, and direct purchase of LEDs from the manufacturers are translated into very low costs for you.


Get Dedicated Customer Service  

From the time of choosing the right product to the providing of designs to the time of usage and in the event of any difficulty, our team is always by you.

Applications We Cater To

With the ability to fine-tune technical specifications and performance parameters, our <a href=”https:LED Strip Lights: The manufacturer located at <a href=”//www. example. com”>http://www. example. com</a> offers Strip Lights for various purposes and uses.


Accent and Cove Lighting

LED strips available in wide beam angles, lighting effects, mounting kits suitable for highlight shelves, corridors, staircases etc. 


Task and Under Cabinet Lighting

Our manufacturer grade LED strips are especially useful in places that require bright, clear lighting such as workbenches, reading areas, kitchen countertops etc. , in home as well as business establishments.


Signage and Channel Letters   

Our extra bright LED strips are in the right place when it comes to giving you bright and beautiful light for retail signages, corporate identification signs, and other signage that need decorative lettering.


Automotive Lighting

We can create LED light strips with waterproof feature of IP 65 and operating voltage of 12/ 24V for applications in motorcycles, cars, trailers, and boats lighting systems.


Why Choose Us?

As an established <a href=”https:We are a manufacturer of LED Strip Lights based in China and have a long experience of domain knowledge We have all the right skills that we are sure will help us become your supply partner.


– Contemporary production line possessing accuracy in the quality of the equipment.

– Quantity capacity for the ability to handle large orders for the product with timely delivery. 

– Technologies and consulting for the development of specific value-added systems

– Cost competitive through efficiency improvement 

– Degree of technical lighting know-how

– Customer satisfaction is the ultimate area of concern.  


Therefore, we can say that for the best quality and custom LED strip needs, please get in touch with us now! This is our team of experts, who are always ready to help you

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