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Do you read books? Not the books that were given to you in schools for huge sum of money. We are thinking about the books that you read apart from your school subjects. You are a reader. You wouldn’t be here if you were an Instagram reel lover. Something taps you. Something kicks you when you ignore the world and slide into the magic of mobiles. The thing that pulls you away from the realm of small dopamine kicks and makes you see the reality. 

The reality is here. We live in the 21st century. We are born on the lands of the nation India. Well, you can call ‘Bharat’ too if you wish. You are racing fast with the rest of the world. India is no more a country to be developed. Our nation has already spread its wings and sailing into every ocean of the world. And, You aren’t missing out. 

The main reason our nation is topping all others in almost all the fields is the treasure of knowledge we have. Since ancient times, our nation has been a treasure of wisdom. Over centuries past, the wisdom was spread through vocal means. Our nation felt that oral transmission helps in spreading wisdom through the nation. The idea was great. But as the human grew, the need to write down knowledge arose. 

Through the journey of writing on wood, stone and leaves, we finally started with books. It was a game changer. Books changed our lives like never before. We could collect it from others, read them and rewrite it for our own use. Books have changed lives. If you see a book rack at somebody’s house, you know they have wisdom. The wisdom that is not limited to exams but goes beyond.

As internet arrived with the 21st century, the entire world got along to innovate something better than the tedious process involved in finding books. To find some method through which we could skip the queues of book stores and save some time. Physical bookshops have their own edge to them. But with the urban growth that we see today, going to a bookshop and getting books has not been easier.

The innovation of online book shopping as a part of e-commerce market has made our jobs easier. We no longer need to beg our friend for mercy to get a book for a few days. We need not bargain with the bookshop, uncle to reduce ten bucks from the marked price on the book. Just a few clicks on online book shopping websites and we are through. Doesn’t that seem easier. 

Books on our country

I am sure you have grown up reading your favorite fantasy books of Narnia and Harry Potter. Those books are great. As you grow up to be a teenager, you wish to expand your horizon. You feel the need and urge knowing about the nation and its history. The details that you learned in school were not good enough for a clear picture of our country. So the need to know more arises. You want to become a history buff, hence start your journey.

One such pieces of history that has a bog room for research is the incident of Killing of Mahatma Gandhi. We share sweets and sin songs on his birthday, but there is something dark about his death. Some details that stay behind the dark masks of history. It is bitter and sad. Sad to know that the person who strived for our nation was killed with a gun in front of the nation. Such a shame. But there is something else. The other side of the story. The story written by the killer himself. The story written by Nathuram Godse ‘Why I killed Gandhi’ book.

The Story from Godse’s angle:

Arrogant, isnt it? The killer who shot the father of our nation writing a book. A book where he defends what he did. Surprising is that the book becomes a bestseller. It sells millions of copies before it got banned. Now, if you are a book lover, you’d have a specific edge to read banned books. Not only because of the pride that you have the pride of reading it. But, because you wanted to know more. 

The book is not banned anymore. As free speech gets more freedom in our nation, we are allowed to look at both sides of the story. We are asked to judge for ourselves. Judge or at least have a healthy debate on the act. The heinous act would never be pardoned ethically or morally. But the chance to read the story from the killer’s point of view shouldn’t be missed. 

Before you read Nathuram Godse’s ‘Why I killed Gandhi’, it’s vital to know a few points. You need to have a small check on the past of the killer patriot. Was he a patriot? You decide. That is why the book “why I killed Gandhi” price is so affordable. You make your decision. 

Nathuram was born in Maharashtra. The state which gave our nation maximum patriots. His childhood was filled with the stories of valor and bravery of our leaders. Nathuram grew up to love our leaders and nation. Akhand Bharat was his dream. He had close ties with patriot groups and he started leading some. He started following Gandhi (ah!!.. The irony) and started idolizing him. Nathuram loved Gandhi to such an extent that he always had a photo of Mahatma with him. 

But as the nation broke and got divided, Godse started having doubts. He blamed Gandhiji for partition and all that followed after. India had many troubles after partition. Pakistan attacked India several times and massacred thousands of Indians. Something that Nathuram couldn’t even think of. The nation was no more the ‘Akhand Bharat’ he dreamt of. His vision was shattered. He was disappointed. He tried to find ways through which he could redeem his anger but found no help. So one fine day he went and shot Mahatma Gandhiji. Shot him several times. 

Is the partition the only reason why Godse decided to kill Gandhi ? Did Godse cease to be a patriot by that time? What were other reasons? I know you will be swarmed with a million questions inside your head. The best idea is to hear the reasons from the guy himself. Let him speak into your ears for you to decide the reasonability of his actions. 


This essay is just a kick-start to your journey to read the book. The devil is in the details. Do not stop your buck here. Let not some YouTube videos deceive you. Get your hands on the source. Know it from the writer himself. ‘Why I killed Gandhi’ book price is so reasonable that you could just skip your weekend pizza and get this book. Why delay? Log in to your favorite online book shopping websites, buy and read the book. Let the discourse begin. 


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