How to Invest in the Upcoming Indian IPOs

IPOs are great for stock investors in India. An IPO (Initial Public Offering) allows a private company to become public by issuing shares. A company liquidates its shares for the first time by launching an IPO. By liquidating shares in an IPO, a company becomes public and raises capital. To launch an IPO, a company must obtain permission from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Since an IPO marks the debut of a company as a public entity, it attracts many investors. To make informed decisions, investors must be familiar with the upcoming IPOs. IPO recent news can be accessed via a reputed trading platform. Let us discuss some of the influential IPOs in recent times.  

Current and Upcoming IPOs in India for Investors

Knowing the upcoming IPOs in India is essential. Investors have to submit IPO applications in advance via a trading platform. Here is the step-by-step process to apply for an IPO: 

  • Obtain a trading cum Demat account to apply for an IPO. You can open a 2-in-1 account for free with Religare Broking.
  • Identify the IPO you want to apply to. Once the subscription period for an IPO starts, investors can submit their applications. You can know about the current and upcoming IPOs via a trading platform or official sources.
  • Submit the IPO application with accurate details like Demat account number, UPI ID, name, and number of shares. You can wish to apply for shares at the base or listing price. Some investors also offer a bidding price for the shares. They want to get the shares in an IPO on a preferred basis.

All IPO applications are analysed by the issuer, and shares are allotted appropriately. Once the IPO closes, the remaining shares are listed on stock exchanges for investors. You can always access shares available on stock exchanges via an online trading account. Once your application is approved, you will receive communication from the issuer for allotment. Shares are directly transferred to your Demat account by the issuer. Here are some recent and upcoming IPOs with their base price for a single share:

  • Utkarsh Small Finance Bank – INR 23 to 25
  • Senco Gold – INR 301 to 317
  • Ideaforge Tech – INR 1305.1
  • Veefin Solutions – INR 86.05
  • Pentagon Rubber Ltd. – INR 70
  • Greenchef Appliances Ltd. – INR 87

IPO Terms to Know

Before submitting your IPO application, here are some terms to know:

  • Listing Date: It is the date when the IPO is launched by the issuer. Investors can start submitting their applications from the listing date.
  • Closing Date: It is the last date for submitting the IPO application. Issuers pre-inform investors about the listing and closing date of the IPO.
  • Offer Price: It is the price of a single share in the IPO for investors. Issuers evaluate the offer price after several evaluations and research processes.
  • Holding Period: It is the duration for investors during which they cannot sell shares in secondary markets.
  • Listing Price Change: After the launch of the IPO, share prices might change in the market. Listing price change denotes the drop or rise in share price since the day of listing.

In a Nutshell

Investors must keep an eye on IPO recent news. You can rely on the investment platform offered by Religare Broking to apply for current and upcoming IPOs. Don’t forget to learn more about the company/issuer before investing in an IPO. Search for a preferred IPO right away! 

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