Citrine Stone: What is the Power and Who Should Wear?

The citrine gemstone is a mystically beautiful yellow-hued gemstone known all over the world for its beauty and gorgeousness. And hence, this stone is also used highly in jewelry making and decorative items.

Although, like other gemstones, this semi-precious gemstone also has some significance as per Vedic astrology.

Astrologer believes that this stone also known as Sunhela in Hindi has the warmth and fire of the sun which will benefit its wearer in many ways.

In this article, we will discuss about the powers of the citrine stone and who should wear this strikingly bright gem.

Astrological Significance of the Citrine Gemstone

An original citrine gemstone has the dynamics of providing the wearer with Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Relationship, and Financial benefits.

Health Benefits of the Citrine Gemstone 

Strengthening the immune system, the citrine stone enhances the stamina of the person, regulates the metabolism, and increases the energy levels of the wearer.

It activates the solar plexus chakra in the wearer which promotes your self-confidence as well as wisdom.

Emotional Benefits of Citrine Stone

Providing emotional balance is another benefit of wearing a citrine stone. The energy flow of the stone will regulate your hormones and provide your mind with emotional stability. It will help you fight your emotional demons and will decrease your stress, tension, anxiety, and depression.

You will be more in control of your emotions and will be more relaxed.

Spiritual Benefits of the Citrine Gem Stone

The Citrine will guide the wearer on the path of spirituality, and the journey to god and higher consciousness. It will open y our sense, increase our intuition powers, and helps in being more conscious. Opening your mind to new perspectives, the gemstone’s power will encourage you to pursue your aim and go after your purpose in life.

Relationship Benefits of Citrine Stone

The power of the Citrine stone is also said to increase harmony and understanding among your closest relationships. It decreases conflicts and misunderstandings, especially in your married life.

Financial Benefits of the Citrine Gem

The Citrine stone is also said to bring success and wealth to the person who wears it. It helps the wearer in overcoming any debts he/she might be facing and then also helps in gaining financial stability.

Who Should Wear the Citrine Stone? 

The ruling planet of the citrine gemstone is the astrological planet Jupiter which is known as the Brahaspati in Hindi and also known as the Guru Grah which means the biggest planet.

Individuals who have the negative effects of this planet in their birth chart or horoscope are highly recommended to wear a Natural citrine gemstone to remove these malefic effects.

Citrine Stone Price

A natural Citrine gemstone is transparent and of fine quality which is why it is quite valuable.  The price of citrine stone in India starts from the range of INR 500 per carat and can go as high as INR 6000 per carat.

This difference in the citrine stone price depends highly on some factors. These factors are the cut, color, and clarity of the Citrine gem. Additionally, the origin and quality also make a variance in the price range.

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The yellow citrine stone has mystical properties as much as its beauty. The energy of the stone has the power to shield the wearer from negative energies and influences like evil spirits, bad omens, black magic, manipulation, hypnotism, and psychic attacks as well.

All the physical healing properties of this stone also increase the demand for citrine in today’s market.

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