Benefits of the Pukhraj Stone – Price & Importance

The Pukhraj stone is popularly known as Yellow Sapphire all over the world. This gemstone is a beautiful yellow stone that is known for its warm yellow color. This stone is mined from the regions of Burma, Australia, Sri Lanka, etc.

Gemstones have a high value in astrology. They are considered as a tool that can fill the life of the wearer with positivity. These gemstones linked themselves with the energies of the universe. And so when they are worn under proper timing and with proper process, they work wonders. Yellow Sapphire is one such gemstone. This is one of the nine stones as well which are stated as the most powerful ones.

In this article, we will discuss all about the Pukhraj stone, why this stone is important, what is its price, and why you should consider wearing it.

Astrological Benefits of the Pukhraj Gemstone

An original Pukhraj gemstone can have a high effect on your mind, body, and soul. The energy flows through the stone once you wear it will affect all of you and help you lead a better life.

Here are the many benefits of wearing a Pukhraj gemstone:

  • Keeps all the negative energies at bay.

  • Pukhraj Ratan with its energies addresses your concerns and confusions. Also, it removes tensions and stresses.

  • The yellow Sapphire benefits are for the mental state as well. The Stone’s energy will keep you mentally stable. It will help you gain peace and calmness.

  • Mental disorders or conditions like depression are also healed by the use of an original yellow sapphire gemstone.

  • Brings prosperity, harmony, and love in relationships; and blesses marital life.

  • The financial conditions of the wearer are also affected by the use of Pukhraj gemstone. The stone will assist you in overcoming your debts and gaining financial stability. It will also bring you wealth and success.

  • The Pukharaj stone is also known to improve the social status of the wearer.

  • There are also physical healing properties of the yellow sapphire gemstone. This stone heals any problems related to the stomach. It helps in better digestion. Also, it will cure any problems related to the Kidneys, liver, and mouth.

  • This Ratna is also helpful in fever, cough, and colds.

Importance of the Pukhraj Stone

The Pukhraj Stone is a very powerful stone with its link with the astrological planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet and is known as the Guru planet as well. It is also called Brishapti Grah.

A natural Pukhraj stone is specifically recommended to people who have the negative effects of Jupiter in their birth chart or Kundli. This astrological planet is responsible for your wisdom, and knowledge. It can cause a negative impression on you so to remove all the adverse effects of Jupiter, you have to wear an original Yellow sapphire gemstone.

Before wearing this stone, make sure it is suitable for your Kundli. Also, consult with an expert astrologer.

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Pukhraj Gemstone Price

The Pukhraj Stone price in India starts from a good amount of INR 4, 138 because this stone is highly valuable. A good quality Pukhraj stone is not easily found plus it has a demand in the market. Also, there are some factors that highly affect the price of Pukhraj Ratna. These aspects are the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the stone. The origin and quality of the stone also affect the cost range. The highest amount can go up to INR 909,000.

To Conclude

A real Pukhraj stone symbolizes hope, knowledge, wisdom, and warmth. This stone is one of the stones which is the most beneficial and powerful. It can influence the life of the wearer to change it in any direction. The positiveness will be filled in your life and the stone will attract you fortune and health as well.

If you also want to get joy, happiness, and prosperity in your life,  you should buy an authenticated and lab-certified Pukhraj gemstone from a reputable seller like Rashi Ratan Bhagya. Being one of the leading stores for loose gemstones they have a variety in their collection like Ruby, Blue Sapphires, Citrine, Moonstone, Red Coral, Opal, Pearl, Hessonite, etc. The stones are available in different cuts, sizes, colors, and weights.

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