8 Best LGBT+ Mods For Minecraft

These mods are great if you want to make your Minecraft experience a little more proud or want to show yourself in new ways.

The open-world design of Minecraft lets players make their own experiences with the simple building blocks that are part of the game’s artistic and social design. For many, it solidified the idea that games could be more of a test of reflexes and tactics and less of a way to relax.

This kind of experience is meaningful in a time when stress is always going up, especially for minority groups that are often at the center of drama on social media. It makes sense that Minecraft has given people who want to build an online group outside of traditional spaces a safe place to do so. As the number of players has grown, so has the passion of the makers. This has led to a healthy modding community that knows what players want. Here are some of the best mods that can help build a group with pride.

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