8 Best Historical And Immersive JRPGs

These fun JRPGs mix history and magic to make memorable experiences that players won’t soon forget.

Since its early days, the JRPG genre has grown and changed a lot. It started out as a simple fantasy game, but now it has a wide range of unique and memorable settings. From urban psychological adventures to sci-fi epics, games in this genre now let players explore and get lost in a wide range of realistic worlds.

But it’s kind of strange that a lot of JRPGs haven’t really gone into true historical settings. This is even more strange when you consider that most of the times when authors have tried to set their stories in real historical places, the results have been good. By mixing history and magic, these games create interesting settings that take things players are already familiar with and mix them with more complicated ideas. This makes for great immersive experiences that more JRPG fans should check out.

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