7 Pro Tips For Final Fantasy 16

A lot has been said about the way fights work in Final Fantasy 16. Even though it’s not DMC, it has a lot of detail. Let us show you how to get in.

Well, Final Fantasy 16 is out now, and you know what? It’s pretty good. After the mess that was the action-based battle system in Final Fantasy 15, this is a huge step up. But it’s not just the way it feels, which is great; it also has a lot of meaning. Now, we need to talk about something before we start. Final Fantasy 16 is NOT a character action game, despite what the internet will tell you.

Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t have as much to do as a Devil May Cry game. The handling of meters, for example, is a pretty important part that limits what Clive can do. Even though Final Fantasy 16 isn’t a character-action game, there’s still a lot of freedom in this game. This guide will show you how to get to all the best parts of the game.

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