7 Most Tragic NPCs In Diablo 4

Every character has a backstory, and these NPCs in Diablo 4 have the saddest story of all.

The main plot of Diablo 4 is about a chase and the tragedy that happens after it. A lot of Diablo 4’s six story acts are about finding the horrors Lilith has left for the players to solve. There is also a lot of sadness and heartache because of demon infestations and Lilith’s tricks to get to Hell.

Many of the main NPCs in Diablo 4 have been hurt by these tricks, and all of them have had bad things happen to them in different amounts and ways. Like the players, these NPCs have risked danger, disaster, and even death to help the Wanderer find Lilith and fight her so that Sanctuary can be saved again.

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