7 Best Dungeons and Dragons Editions, Ranked

Dungeons and Dragons has had a big impact on nerd culture, but which version of the game should get the most attention?

Here is where it all began. Dungeons and Dragons came out for the first time in 1974. Since then, it has inspired many epic board RPGs and fantasy sagas. When the game came out, it didn’t take long for it to get a strong, loyal fan group. Many people were amazed by how it changed both gaming and the fantasy genre.

A little less than 50 years later, there have been a number of new versions of the game, which often update and modernize what came before to keep the game fresh for new generations. Some of these versions are so good that they are better than the original. Others, on the other hand, were launched to more mixed reviews because they often had too many rules to be as simple and fun as the original. Dungeons and Dragons has had an almost incalculable effect on pop culture as a whole, and that has always been true. Now that there are many versions, movies, books, and cult-like fan bases, it’s time to find out which D&D edition is the best.

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